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$14.6 million to build a new school at Warrnambool

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Students at Warrnambool Special Developmental School are getting an early Christmas present in 2017 with the Victorian Government announcing $14.6 million to build a brand new school.

Prior to the 2014 election, the Victorian Government made an election commitment to provide $5 million to relocate the school to a new site given the condition and functionality of the existing facilities.

This $5 million funding was used to buy land for the new school and conduct planning work.

This latest funding goes one step further and will ensure the school is completely re-built on the new site. This brings the total funding from the Government for the Warrnambool Special School to $19.6 million

Warrnambool Special Developmental School, which caters for children aged between 5-18 years, is the only special education facility within the City of Warrnambool and has experienced a period of sustained growth since it opened.

The challenges of operating the school on its current constrained and overcrowded site would be further exacerbated by its forecasted long term growth in enrolment.

The school recently took possession of a new relocatable building containing two classrooms, which will be ready for use on day 1 of Term 1, 2018.

The new school will be built while the current school continues business as usual, to ensure there is no disruption for staff and students.

Source: Vic Government

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