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Automated technology for schools to book casual teachers

ClassCover and the NSW Department of Education have partnered to provide NSW public schools access to the ClassCover booking app, automating the booking and managing of their casual teachers.

Following the NSW Government tender win, the innovative ClassCover platform will replace the call centre approach known as Casual.Direct in 2018.

This is a progressive step for the department, who are choosing an automated technology driven solution to save schools hours every day when booking casual teachers, whilst also putting quality control back into the hands of schools.

ClassCover already services over 700 NSW public schools and 18,000 NSW casual teachers and will now assist the state as a whole.

“The Department of Education works continuously to improve the employment of school staff, both for principals and teachers,” said Trina Schmidt, Executive Director Human Resources. “And the tender specifications for this contract were developed in consultation with the groups representing, respectively, the department’s primary and high school principals.”

Humble beginnings to now – a start-up success story

ClassCover started in 2012 on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and was the brainchild of two Macquarie University graduates; ex-teacher Ben Grozier and good friend Peter Carpenter who holds a Bachelor of Business, Marketing and Business Law. The idea originated from a friend who worked at a school complaining of spending their Sunday calling around 22 casual teachers to find cover for Monday. It clearly was not the ideal way to spend their weekend.

ClassCover was developed to solve that exact problem and originally started as a way for schools to view teacher availability before phoning around. The ClassCover app has since evolved into an ‘all in one’ answer for schools, enabling them to book teachers in seconds from anywhere, connect with new teachers in the local area, access fast and efficient payroll reports and even book non-teaching staff to fill any gaps on a day to day basis.

Source: NSW Department of Education and ClassCover

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