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Aimsun Auto: model automated vehicles at city scale


iMOVE partner Aimsun showed off its latest product, Aimsun Auto, at the Autonomous Vehicles Technology Expo, held in Stuttgart, Germany.

Aimsun Auto is a simulation platform, enabling users to create a virtual testing testing environment for the “large-scale design and validation of path planning algorithms for self-driving vehicles”. It can do this on anything from a single intersection up to an an entire city, ans can incorporate pedestrians, public transport, human-driven vehicles, bicycles, and motorcycles into its mix.

‘With Auto there is no need to drive around seeking the conditions that you want to test, or to laboriously script each actor’s behaviour frame-by-frame. Scale and speed are of the essence,’ said Paolo Rinelli, Aimsun’s Global Head of Product Management.

‘Auto can execute thousands of concurrent instances much faster than real time on private or commercial cloud infrastructure, effectively covering the equivalent of millions of autonomous miles overnight. It’s fast, it’s infinitely scalable and, most importantly, it’s safe.’

Scalable, safe, and full of possibilities.

‘Testing with Auto can include extraordinary scenarios with rogue actors that would be prohibitively expensive or impossible to perform in the field; with Auto you can also run wide-area regression tests to ensure that a new release of autonomy stack continues to meet prior safety standards. Obtaining realistic estimates on overall journey time, emissions profile, energy consumption, and smoothness of ride for door-to-door trips is a unique feature of Auto.’

For more information, visit the Aimsun Auto page, or watch the video at the top of this page.

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