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Air traffic control graduates enhance safety in our skies

Twenty-seven new air traffic controllers have completed a two year intensive course at Airservices Melbourne Centre, giving them the skills to manage the flow of aircraft into, and out of, and across Australian airspace.

Graduating at a ceremony held yesterday, the new controllers completed a Diploma of Aviation (Air Traffic Control) and trained in state-of-the-art training facilities and simulators, providing the trainees with a realistic training environment.

Airservices Chief Executive Officer Jason Harfield said the graduates have spent hundreds of hours in both the classroom and training simulators during their course.

“Completion of this extensive training program signals the achievement of their first career milestone and the beginning of what I believe is a rewarding career with Airservices,” Mr Harfield said.

“These graduates have now started a fantastic career that contributes to the safe and efficient travel of more than 140 million passengers a year across Australia.”

Graduate Euan Harrison was presented the Don Charlwood Award, an award presented to the most outstanding graduate who demonstrates technical and professional excellence. Euan has begun his career as an en route controller based in Melbourne.

The other graduates are based at Gold Coast, Jandakot, Parafield, Perth and Sydney Towers as well as Airservices Melbourne en route centre, having obtained their initial Air Traffic Control licence rating and endorsement over the past six months.

Airservices Executive General Manager Air Navigation Services Stephen Angus highlighted that the next generation of air traffic controllers will play a pivotal role in the future of Australian aviation.

“This latest group of new controllers join a team focussed on service delivery and meeting the needs of our customers, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.”

“They will also help implement safety enhancements and measures that reduce delays for passengers, improve efficiency and reduce fuel burn for airline customers,” Mr Angus said.

The graduates join more than 1000 Airservices air traffic controllers stationed around the country to keep the skies safe.

Airservices administers 11 per cent of the world’s total airspace and safely manages air traffic operations for more than four million flights each year.

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