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Apprentice wage subsidy

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Regional and rural businesses now have the opportunity of receiving support for the first three years of an Australian apprenticeship through a new trial.

Senator the Hon Michaelia Cash, Minister for Small and Family Business, Skills and Vocational Education, has announced a trial apprentice wage subsidy to support regional and rural businesses.

From 1 January 2019, the Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy will support apprenticeships in skills need occupations in rural and regional areas and encourage participation in apprenticeships by employers who have not previously engaged apprentices, as well as re-engaging employers who may have disengaged from the system.

The Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy is available to employers who sign-up and commence a new worker Australian Apprentice from 1 January 2019 and until 1630 sign-ups have occurred.

Employers who employ a new worker Australian Apprentice undertaking a full-time Certificate III or IV qualification that leads to an occupation listed on the National Skills Needs List in a rural and regional workplace may be eligible.

The Australian Apprentice must be employed under the relevant Award (modern award) for their occupation.

The employer must have not previously employed an Australian Apprentice or have not employed an Australian Apprentice in the three year period prior to 1 January 2019.

The Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy provides support in the first three years of an Australian Apprenticeship.

Details of the support:

  • 75 per cent of the first year award wage;
  • 50 per cent of the second year award wage;
  • 25 per cent of the third year award wage.

The Australian Apprentice Wage Subsidy is in addition to the suite of employer incentives available under the Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Program.

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