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‘Big Ideas’ bring students from across country to Sydney

The Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation (ANSTO) has announced 22 lucky Year 10 students who will have an all-expenses-paid trip to Australia’s home of applied nuclear science.

Students posed wonderful questions for a chance partake in the inaugural ANSTO Big Ideas Forum, with topics as diverse as dementia prevention, organ printing and harnessing human kinetic energy for power.

The inaugural ANSTO Big Ideas Forum will gather the best of these budding STEM students and their teachers from 14-18 November for a week of unforgettable learning, alongside some of our country’s best scientific minds.

The 11 pairs of students won the chance after submitting 40-second videos where they outlined the problem they hoped science would solve in the future.

“The students asked really perceptive questions about the challenges of the future, which has been great to see,” said Rod Dowler, Discovery Centre Leader and coordinator of the ANSTO Big Ideas Program.

“ANSTO Big Ideas Forum is about empowering them to push boundaries, and not confine themselves to being ‘just students’ – their ability to contribute is vast and we want to give them every opportunity.

“Everyone is already busily preparing to welcome our 22 new young scientists, and 11 science teachers, and to get them in amongst all the action and excitement here at ANSTO.

“These are the first students in this program, and it will be exciting to see how kids from across the country, with very different interests and backgrounds, can collaborate and enhance each other’s learning.

“The teachers will also have a specially designed program of professional development workshops and practical experiences in ANSTO’s unique facilities.

“The students are getting ready to choose senior subjects, and hopefully the ANSTO Big Ideas Forum will provide them with a great opportunity to see what a career in science or engineering could look like.

“Curiosity is the key to succeeding in innovative research and our 22 students have already proven they have that. It will be wonderful to see it grow and flourish over the week.”

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