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Casuarina Senior College celebrate Animal Welfare Awareness Week

Casuarina Senior College students are conducting a range of activities to support Animal Welfare Awareness Week as part of their Society and Culture studies.

Year 11 students have planned and coordinated activities including fundraising drives for RSPCA, Ark Aid Wildlife Rescue and Wildcare Inc NT; educational challenges; and a silent protest for caged animals.

Natasha Poulton, Society and Culture teacher said “This class of 11 students have planned an entire week of activities focused on raising further awareness of animal welfare.”

“The students have taken a proactive approach to increase awareness of the number of animals that are farmed and accommodated in appalling conditions and confined spaces with a silent protest,” Ms Poulton said.

“It is fantastic to see the hard work these students have put in this term come together into a week full of exciting educational activities for something they are passionate about in society.”

Casuarina Senior College have teamed up with Ark Aid Wildlife Rescue, Wildcare Inc NT, NT Government Animal Welfare Branch and Mind Your Paws to raise awareness and educate people about animal welfare.

Dr Stephen Cutter, President of Ark Aid Wildlife Rescue said “As a wildlife hospital, we promote respect for all animals and offer community education about living with wildlife and responsible pet ownership.”

“We are proud to help Casuarina Senior college in their Animal Welfare Awareness Week celebrations and share their message to look after and respect all animals,” Dr Cutter said.

Whilst the students have been engaged to educate others, they have also been empowered to raise their own awareness of animal welfare and reflect on this in their own lives.

Year 11 student Grace Smalley assisted with the coordination of the activities and said “Taking part in this week of awareness will help boost my confidence, in knowing that I too can make a difference and have a voice.”

“Tackling such a major issue, even in just a small way is better than doing nothing,” Miss Smalley said.

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