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Chiropractic patient’s instant relief inspires years of study

Lecturer and Chiropractor Dr Martin Harris would often tell his patient Will Cairns: “If you love chiropractic so much, you should enrol at CQUni Mackay”.

Dr Harris now finds himself telling Will – his patient-turned-student – to “knuckle down, study hard and you’ll get there; but it will take time, effort and dedication”.

CQUni Chiropractic student Will Cairns takes instruction from Lecturer Dr Martin Harris on how to use a pressure plate analysis device to improve his skills. Credit: CQUni

CQUni’s Bachelor of Science (Chiropractic) and Master of Clinical Chiropractic courses span five years.

Mr Cairns first sought chiropractic care from Dr Harris (who also works locally at Grays Chiropractic, Mackay) in 2016 following a football injury.

“The relief I personally felt from treatment contributed to my decision to enter this profession,” Mr Cairns said.

“I also knew people studying chiropractic at CQUni at the time, and they were really enjoying it.

“I find that most adjustments provide patients with instant relief, which keeps me motivated to complete my studies.”

As a CQUni Lecturer, Dr Harris said he was proud to have the opportunity to inspire and train the next generation of chiropractors in the profession he’s dedicated the past 15 years to.

“Being a chiropractor gives me the opportunity to improve the quality of life of the people that I care for,” he said.

“Seeing patients like Will improve, become healthier, return to their daily activities and sport, smile and love life again is empowering.

“If you enjoy using your hands and solving people’s health problems – then this career is for you.”

Down the track, Mr Cairns is keen to branch out into sports chiropractic; he’s also hoping his career will one day take him overseas.

CQUni offers Chiropractic courses in Mackay, Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne.

Source: CQUni

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