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Cubic advances Sydney’s transport management

Sydney Transport Management Centre Cubic
Source: Cubic Transportation Systems

Cubic Transportation Systems and Transport for NSW have signed a +five-year contract for an Intelligent Congestion Management Program (ICMP), that will enhance the city’s ability to manage Sydney’s roads and public transport system.

This program will see New South Wales’ Transport Management Centre better able to:

  • Monitor and manage Sydney’s roads
  • Coordinate public transport
  • Plan and manage transport around major events
  • Improve incident clearance times
  • Convey real-time information and advice to the public in times of traffic congestion and disruption
  • In 2020, use real-time data and predictive analytics to allow operators to predict 30 minutes into the future and act in 5 minutes

“This landmark project will position Sydney as a global leader in multimodal transport management operations,” said Matt Cole, President of Cubic Transportation Systems.

Transport for NSW and Cubic’s partners in this program include WSP, PTV Group, Mentz, and Microsoft.

A next-generation transport management platform

“Cubic has been involved in traffic management in Sydney since prior to the Sydney 2000 Olympics,” said Tom Walker, senior vice president and managing director of CTS Asia-Pacific. “This new project is exciting and strategic because it is the first contract anywhere in the world for Cubic’s next-generation, fully multimodal Transport Management Platform.”

“The world’s cities have become far more complex in the last 20 years and transportation planners now need to deal with a range of new opportunities and challenges while preparing for a hybrid future, which will likely include the the introduction of autonomous vehicles,” added Walker.

Congestion management

“Technology is rapidly changing the way people move around Sydney, driverless Metro trains will start carrying customers next year and driverless cars are already being tested on NSW roads,” said Andrew Constance, NSW Minister for Transport and Infrastructure.

“This $123 million investment will future proof our transport management system for these innovations so we can better manage congestion and respond to incidents faster, as well as preparing for new transport infrastructure in the pipeline.”

“It makes us more responsive to incidents by automating current manual processes using data. The goal is to predict 30 minutes into the future and act in 5 minutes – this helps to divert traffic, coordinate public transport and provide real-time information to customers about any disruptions or alternative routes.”

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