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Cyber security for connected vehicles and vehicular networks


This project aims to develop cyber security frameworks for vehicles and vehicular networks.

It will start by reviewing and demonstrating existing vehicle security risks and cyber defence schemes. Further research and development will address new challenges in cyber security, privacy and trust in future vehicular networks and connect into automated driving functionalities.

Cyber security solutions will be researched and conceptualised to address security challenges in vehicles and vehicular networks. Research publications will be generated throughout the project.


  • IAG
  • University of Technology Sydney

Project background

The automotive industry is experiencing unprecedented technological changes, driven by the advent of digital technologies, autonomous driving and connected vehicles. Car manufacturers are constantly working on new technologies to improve road safety and user convenience, to save life and time.

Unfortunately, car thieves and hackers are continually trying to find ways to exploit these technologies. One example is the recent “relay attack” by exploiting keyless entry feature in some modern cars.

The global market for connected cars will double within the next few years, with exponential growth of the connected features that make our trips safer and more enjoyable. However, the increasing number of smart features built into cars opens the door to a serious threat – hacker attacks.

Because connected cars are linked with the Internet and their crucial parts are interconnected over a network, adversaries have the potential to remotely access and manipulate the data being exchanged leading to a number of problems, such as leaked personal information, overcoming vehicle’s security mechanisms, or even full remote control of the car.

Existing cyber security methods for the internet may not be suitable for future connected vehicles, therefore it is critical that new security frameworks be designed and implemented to protect our vehicles and transport systems.

Project objectives

Additional research and development will address new challenges In cyber security, data privacy and trust in connected vehicles, vehicular networks, and automated driving functionalities.

Intellectual property and research publications will be generated throughout the project.

Specifically, the project will:

  • Develop demonstrations to show vehicle security risks and solutions
  • Design cyber security solutions on a conceptual level to address security challenges in vehicles and vehicular networks
  • Develop cyber security testing procedures for vehicle safety and security
  • Work with IAG staff to implement vehicle cyber security tests

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