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Designing Safe & Successful Places: interactive survey

Designing Safe & Successful Places
Source: Transport for NSW

Transport for NSW and Swinburne University of Technology are for the next few weeks running an interactive survey, to gather public feedback for use in the iMOVE project Exploring the Movement and Place Framework.

The survey is being run to answer two questions for the urban designers and transport engineers working on this project:

  • Do you care about how safe of our streets feel for you and your family?
  • Do you want to help us design more pleasant streets?

After a few text-based questions to obtain a little anonymised information about the participants, the survey will then switch to interactive mode, using 360-degree virtual environment animations with binaural (360-degree) audio, in reaction to which the participants provide their answers.

To encourage participation, there is a prize on offer, a Virtual Reality headset. All up the survey should take approximately 20 minutes to complete.

Please find below the link to the Virtual Streetscape survey.


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