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Dianella Education Precinct officially opened

Three public schools making up the new Dianella Education Precinct will provide positive change and innovative opportunities for students, teachers, parents/carers, and the surrounding community.

Western Australian Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery officially opened the precinct comprised of Dianella Secondary College, Dianella Education Support Centre, and Dianella Primary College.

The transformation includes building improvements, modern uniforms, new program opportunities, and a greater focus on community engagement.

Scholarship pathways for senior students with Edith Cowan University and expanding community partnerships are just part of the program, as the schools look to explore a range of opportunities to enhance student learning.

The schools have already developed relationships with organisations such as The Smith Family and set up a number of partnerships with volunteers and associated community organisations to support and complement educational programs.

“We believe every student should get the best possible education – and that happens when the school, students, teachers, parents/carers, and the community work together in a positive way to support learning,” said Western Australian Education and Training Minister Sue Ellery.

“The schools have developed a model that provides greater access to outside community support for students and their families.”

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