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Do you hear the drums?

It’s the Hypnotising Sound of TaKeTiNa with Tania Bosak!

Hitting Australian shores in September 2017 is percussionist Tania Bosak for her 2 day Melbourne TaKeTiNa workshop. Tania is based between Melbourne, and Europe, and works internationally as a musician, performer, Master Class Rhythm teacher, TaKeTiNa teacher and teacher trainer. She has continued to work for more than 30 years as a musician, actor, director, musical director, performing arts trainer, master rhythm teacher and highly regarded teaching specialist working on a wide range of projects, events and festivals.

“When I first discovered TaKeTiNa it was life changing. I knew it was something I wanted to explore and become expert at. Being trained by Reinhard has been an amazing experience and I can’t wait to share what I have learned with workshop participants.” Said Tania.

TaKeTiNa is a unique musical group process for activating musical and human potential through rhythm. Instead of learning rhythmic patterns, the learner is guided directly to experience the elementary musical elements that are anchored in the consciousness of every human. As such, it can best be described as a vehicle for meditation through music.

‘TaKeTiNa is a process, capable of activating the human and musical potential through rhythm. Learning rhythm and music with the TaKeTiNa process always means learning for life, too’. Said Reinhard Flatischler, Composer and Founder of TaKeTiNa.

Tania is a Senior level certified TaKeTiNa teacher currently in Master training, and assists the founder and master percussionist Flatischler (based in Austria) in TaKeTiNa workshops, teacher trainings and drum trainings in Europe and Australia. She works extensively with TaKeTiNa at Universities, and as a guest lecturer and rhythm specialist teacher.

Multi-talented Tania Bosak is a percussionist, vocalist, performer and master class rhythm teacher with an impressive list of achievements under her belt. She is also a current co-owner of live music venue Open Studio in Melbourne. Also, a Churchill Fellow, Tania researched and studied Korean drum and dance styles in Seoul, at the SamulNori Academy. She regularly returns to study with her Master teachers including Jin Yu Rim, Master Assistant of Intangible Cultural Asset No. 27 and 97, and members of the SamulNori group.

Now focusing on TaKeTiNa and becoming the worlds leading TaKeTiNa Master, Tania will hold the 2 days workshops in Australia on September 16th and 17th 2017 before heading to New Zealand for workshops on the 22nd and 24th 2017.

Source: Pulse Rhythm

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