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Equity funding changing the lives of Ararat students

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The Victorian Government’s massive funding boost to Ararat schools that need it most is reaping strong results.

Victorian Minister for Education James Merlino visited Ararat Primary School to see first-hand how equity funding has made a real difference.

In 2015 the Victorian Government announced a huge increase to equity funding, which took effect from 2016.

It provides additional resources and expertise to get the best out of students who need more support.

The $566 million increase over four years is designed to break the cycle of disadvantage and stop students disengaging from school and giving up on their studies.

More than 2,800 staff have been added to Victorian government schools since the funding boost, including 1,600 teachers and 1,200 support staff such as speech pathologists, literacy and numeracy coaches and social workers.

This funding is improving the lives of students across Victoria. Schools are introducing programs to help students catch up in literacy and numeracy and offering electives such as coding and music to keep kids engaged in school.

The funding has allowed Ararat Primary to employ a speech therapist to run programs with children, teachers and parents. With the help of fun programs at home, parents are getting more involved in their children’s learning.

“It doesn’t become something that isolates the children or makes them stand out. They become confident and comfortable in their environment,” teacher Terri Dalgleish says.

Research shows the link between disadvantage and low levels of school achievement, with some students facing barriers to success from day one at school.

The Victorian Government is levelling the playing field, putting education funding where it’s needed most – adding teachers and support staff to government schools across Victoria.

Source: Vic Government

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