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Expert teachers come together to share knowledge

Expert teachers from across the Northern Territory will come together at a two-day forum in Darwin to share knowledge and ideas to help produce better outcomes for Territory kids in the classroom.

NT Minister for Education Eva Lawler said the Northern Territory Highly Accomplished and Lead Teacher (HALT) Forum would allow already certified and potential highly accomplished and lead teachers to discuss their experience and initiatives as high quality practitioners in the teaching field.

Highly accomplished and lead teachers are by definition experts in their practice who have undergone a national certification process recognising the quality of their teaching, and who provide mentoring to newer, less experienced teachers while remaining in the classroom. This is the first time a HALT forum has been held in the Northern Territory.

“Teachers are at the front line every day working very hard to provide the very best educational experiences to help our kids reach their full potential,” Minister Lawler said.

“This forum is a fantastic opportunity to recognise our best classroom teachers, allow them to share what they know, learn from each other and work on action plans for their schools and regions.

“This forum will also inspire other less experienced teachers to build their skills and knowledge to also potentially achieve this certification.

“Having high quality teachers in Territory classrooms enables our kids to have the very best chance of realising their potential in their studies, and plays the key role in building a skilled workforce and a creative community.”

Director of the Teacher Registration Board NT Maree Garrigan said “The forum creates an exciting opportunity for certified teachers, teachers aspiring for certification, principals and other educators to work together to strengthen the certification process.”

“It’s about acknowledging the contribution that HALT’s make to the ongoing development of quality teachers, teaching and leadership in the Territory,” Ms Garrigan said.

Once accredited, HALT certified teachers lead practice from their classrooms and receive a salary allowance that recognises their extra capability and leadership.

HALT is a national accreditation against the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers and is awarded for five years to teachers leading the way in the education system, aiming to:

  • Recognise and promote quality teaching;
  • Provide an opportunity for teachers to reflect on their practice; and
  • Provide a reliable indication of quality teaching that can be used to identify, recognise and/or reward highly accomplished and lead teachers.

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