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Experts gather in Melbourne to consider international affairs

Experts from across the globe will meet in Melbourne to rethink international governance in an era of global insecurities, regional tensions and rising nationalism.

Hosted by the European Union Centre on Shared Complex Challenges at the University of Melbourne, the three-day conference will examine how states, regional bodies and international cooperation might provide useful ways to manage global challenges such as the refugee crisis, Brexit, shifting power dynamics of the US and China, populism and territorial disputes.

Conference co-Convener, Professor Philomena Murray, says the conference will focus on the most prominent and pressing international issues of the day.

“The world is experiencing a series of crises,” she says.

“Globalisation is in crisis, the EU is perceived as not only being in crisis, extreme nationalism is on the rise and many observers are seeking alternatives to global bodies and national solutions.

“We have sessions on the international refugee crisis, for example, considering who is responsible, what regional approaches are being undertaken and national perspectives on settlement issues.

“This conference will examine strategic shifts in the international balance of power and how regional bodies might manage global challenges. This has implications for our region and Australia’s relationship with other parts of the world, including the EU after Brexit.”

The three-day conference will run from 17-19 July 2017, at the Melbourne Business School, 200 Leicester Street, Carlton.

A free public lecture, ‘The New Global Disorder and the Rise of Despotism’, will be held on 17 July 2017 from 6.15pm – 7.30pm at the Doherty Institute Auditorium, 792 Elizabeth St, Melbourne.

The EU Centre on Shared Complex Challenges at the University of Melbourne fosters EU-Australian dialogue and collaboration among academia, policy makers and practitioners on the shared challenges of climate change and energy, regional governance, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Source: UoM

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