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External review to test concerns about international admissions

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The University of Tasmania has announced an external review of its international admissions process following concerns raised by the ABC’s Four Corners program.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black said the review would address these concerns as well as undertake a broad, deep health check of the University’s international admissions processes.

“We want to be a university that is focused on high-quality education for qualified international students,” Professor Black said.

“We also have made it very clear within our new institutional strategy that we are taking a right-sized approach and that the march for constant growth is not part of our future.

“I am concerned, having seen the claims from Four Corners, that the changes we have been introducing to align to those two things have not had enough impact soon enough.”

“We care intrinsically about our international students. They are not cash cows as they have been described by the program; they are people who come to our university to learn.

“They are an important part of our community. Our students make a positive cultural and social impact on Tasmania, including the connections and relationships they help us build.

“Today (May 6 2019) I am constituting a senior group – led by our Provost, the Chief Operating Officer and the Executive Director Quality and Standards – to oversee admissions until our external review is complete and its recommendations are introduced.

“We have appointed independent expert Professor Hilary Winchester to conduct a broad-ranging review of our practice in this area.

“From today (May 6 2019), I have made it very clear we will no longer be using alternative paths, including accepting Medium of Instruction letters, for future students not already in the admissions process.”

Source: UTAS

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