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Extra boost of funding for small dairy exporters

The Government has delivered a boost to small dairy exporters, with a $402,200 grant awarded to Dairy Australia to help smaller producers export their premium product to the key Chinese market.

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, Barnaby Joyce and Liberal Member for Corangamite, Sarah Henderson, said the funding under the Government’s $15 million Package Assisting Smaller Exporters was important to open market opportunities for the dairy industry.

“Smaller exporters lack some of the advantages of the bigger players when it comes to getting their product to market,” Minister Joyce said.

“That’s why the Government is backing the dairy industry to help move more of our quality dairy foods and beverages into the kitchens of Chinese homes and restaurants.

Ms Henderson said the funding will assist our smaller dairy exporters and potential exporters to capitalise on opportunities arising out of the free trade agreement signed with China.

“Dairy small and medium enterprises will be better able to understand the requirements of China’s food market and create innovative dairy foods to grow demand amongst Chinese consumers,” Ms Henderson said.

“China represents an exciting market opportunity for many small businesses but they need advice and assistance on how to properly supply an overseas market as well as uphold

Australia’s reputation for safe, quality food. Businesses need to understand exactly what international governments require, and indeed what consumers want.

“This grant will be provided to Dairy Australia to assist businesses seeking to access the Chinese market by holding workshops for producers, undertaking in-depth market research, and creating a risk-based model for market access.”

Minister Joyce said the Government was committed to opening trade opportunities for businesses to underpin jobs growth and enhance profitability.

“The Government commitment to driving better returns back through the farmgate is evident right across the economy, from research and development through to landing product on foreign shores,” Minister Joyce said.

“Under the first round of the Package Assisting Small Exporters, the Government funded a wide range of technologies, training, and projects to boost knowledge and skills of smaller exporters so they can take advantage of booming demand for our products.

“Since 2013 the Government has achieved 70 key market access gains or restorations of suspended markets and 35 key market access improvements or actions to maintain market access in the agriculture sector alone.

“To further help our farmers capitalise on our trade success, the Government has invested $30.8 million through the Ag White Paper to break down technical barriers to trade, and placed five agricultural counsellors in key markets of Vietnam, Malaysia, the Middle East, China and Thailand,” Minister Joyce said.

“We know that as a trading nation producing far more than we could ever consume, exports underpin the profitability of our agriculture sector. That’s why the Government prioritises trade and market access and we will continue to do so into the future.”

Funding for this project has been provided for from within existing budget resources.

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