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Final countdown for Year 12 Students

Over 1300 Year 12 students across the Territory will commence final exams as part of completing the Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training (NTCET).

The first two weeks see the various languages exams occur.

Education Minister Eva Lawler said this is a crucial yet exciting time for Year 12 students.

“Our year 12 students have worked so hard to get to this point in their academic careers. It might seem like the next few weeks are never-ending, but with good preparation and plenty of support, you will succeed.

“I encourage students, and parents and other support groups, including friends and study groups, to stay calm and well rested during the coming weeks. With your parents and carers, plan your exam day and know where you need to go and what time you need to be there to reduce undue stress.

“Some of our schools provide additional support during exam time, such as specialised group study times and spaces.

“As Education Minister I wish all Year 12 students across the Territory the very best of luck for the final exams, and the very exciting future ahead of you,” Minister Lawler said.

The Northern Territory Certificate of Education and Training is the Northern Territory’s senior secondary education qualification that equips students with the knowledge, skills and capabilities they need to progress to further learning and become confident and capable global citizens.

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