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Free On-Demand Short Courses help Australians upskill and become more work-ready

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Australians, including those who have been laid off or stood down as a result of COVID-19, can upskill, refine their industry knowledge and become more work-ready by undertaking up to 14 free On-Demand Short Courses being provided by Torren University.

These self-guided courses are available online from Torrens University for a limited time and unlike other short courses that require a significant time commitment, take just one to two hours to complete.

The On-Demand Short Courses cover topics from project planning, leadership in a crisis, emotional intelligence to content marketing and design thinking. Importantly, many of the On-Demand Short Courses are relevant to areas of national workforce need, such as IT (big data, cloud security, user stories).

Since the start of April, over 6,775 of the University’s On-Demand Short Courses have been completed, with the five most popular covering leadership, social media marketing, design thinking, emotional intelligence and agile project management methodologies.

“This strong uptake in such a short period demonstrates just how important these On-Demand Short Courses are, as many Australians seek to find solutions in the face of uncertainty and a changing world. As a B Corporation, with a steadfast commitment to operating with purpose, we’re proud to offer this free learning opportunity to the public,” said Torrens University President, Linda Brown.

Developed by the University’s academics and featuring experienced industry professionals, including representatives from IBM, Accenture, InterContinental Hotels Group, and more, the On-Demand Short Courses comprise written content, videos and quizzes.

They’re offered 100% online and are mobile friendly, allowing participants the flexibility to study anywhere, at any time.

“We strongly believe in lifelong education because it can have such significant outcomes. At a time when many people are feeling disempowered, the simple act of learning can be powerful, because it can open up possibilities. It doesn’t just broaden the scope of aspiration, it builds the knowledge base that allows people to embark on or continue their journey,” Linda Brown said.

The University’s Vice-Chancellor Professor Alwyn Louw said the On-Demand Short Courses don’t just cover the fundamentals.

“The On-Demand Short Courses deal with key concept areas in sufficient detail to build the capacity and competencies of people, so that they have a sufficient knowledge base as well as content base to prepare people for specific situations or specific opportunities,” Professor Louw said.

“It is a just-in-time opportunity for people to improve their competencies and readiness for better employment options.”

The University is also offering the free courses to its own staff, students, alumni and industry partner employees.

There are no entry requirements and no limit to how many of the 14 free On-Demand Short Courses an individual can undertake. All participants will receive a certificate of completion.

The 14 free On-Demand Short Courses are:

  • Building Your Leadership Brand
  • Cloud Security
  • Content Marketing Dynamics
  • Crisis Management Planning
  • Demonstrate Leadership in Times of Crisis
  • Design Thinking
  • Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Styles
  • How big data is changing content marketing
  • Project Planning Tools
  • Recovering from Crisis
  • Transformational thinking
  • User Experience Design
  • User stories
  • Building Confidence in the digital Classroom

Source: Torrens University

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