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Funding for Kormilda College

Kormilda College recently formally notified the Department of Education of serious concerns about the College’s financial viability, and the school has requested financial help from the Northern Territory Government.

The Northern Territory Government has offered to provide up to $5.1 million to ensure Kormilda College can continue to operate until the end of the 2016 school year.

“This one- off emergency funding support from the Northern Territory Government will provide much needed stability for students and their families for the rest of 2016, which is particularly important for those students in their final year of schooling,” said Minister for Education Eva Lawler.

“I have met with the principal of Kormilda College and members of the college board to discuss the college’s financial situation and possible options.

“I understand the college has communicated with its staff and parents of its students to inform them about the college’s severe financial problems, and to inform them about the Government’s offer.

“The Northern Territory Government is ensuring the hard working students, teachers and families of Kormilda College are well supported for the rest of this school year. These funds will allow the college to continue to operate, including its boarding facilities, and that staff continue to be employed and paid until the end of Term 4, 2016.

Minister Lawler said a formal agreement around the provision of this funding was still being negotiated between the Government and the college. The funding from the Northern Territory Government is contingent on the Government receiving independent advice on the college’s financial viability.

The Government has offered to appoint an independent accountant to develop options for the Government to consider for the future of the college.

This will enable a final decision to be made on the future of the college and what happens beyond the 2016 school year as soon as possible.

The Northern Territory Government will continue to negotiate with the college to work towards arrangements to best accommodate the needs of students and staff beyond the 2016 school year.

Kormilda College is a non-government school, with approximately 75 per cent of government funding to the school provided by the Australian Government, and 25 per cent by the Northern Territory Government.

The remainder of the school’s funding is provided by student fees and other organisations.

The Northern Territory Government also provides $400,000 annually towards the college boarding facility.

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