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Gambling ad ban near schools, roads and public transport

The Victorian Government will ban betting advertising on roads, public transport, and within 150 metres of all Victorian schools.

Victorian Minister for Gaming and Liquor Regulation Marlene Kairouz announced new laws that will shield vulnerable Victorians, particularly school aged children, from the promotion of gambling.

The Gambling Regulation Amendment Bill 2017 will apply to all static betting advertising, including outdoor billboards, on public transport, roads and associated infrastructure like stations, bridges, noise walls and embankments.

The ban responds to community concerns about the proliferation of betting advertising. Research shows three-quarters of children aged between eight and 16 think gambling is a normal part of sport and two thirds can recall at least one sports betting brand.

The Victorian Government also announced that it will amend the Gambling Regulation Act 2003 to allow it to ban or impose conditions on exotic forms of wagering like ‘betting on lotteries’, which allow people to bet on the outcome of Australian or overseas based lotteries.

The changes will give the Minister new powers to ban or restrict companies that offer this service, and to prevent other forms of wagering that present a higher risk of harm to the community or create consumer protection issues.

The proposed laws build on Victorian Government initiatives to reduce gambling-related harm, including a 25-year freeze on the number of gaming machines in Victoria.

The Victorian Government calls on the Federal Government to extend restrictions on broadcast gambling advertisements during live sport to include the entire match.

Source: Vic Government

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