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Great teachers celebrated for transforming UQ student experience

From filming a full crime drama to creating intensive mathematics tutorials, exceptional teachers at The University of Queensland are transforming the way students learn.

Their efforts were celebrated at Brisbane’s Customs House, when UQ Provost Professor Aidan Byrne presented the 2016 Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

UQ Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Peter Høj said the university had long recognised the value of excellent teachers.

“As we evolve the learning experience through the Student Strategy, it is vital that we spotlight and showcase the exceptional and transformational teaching going on, often under the radar,” he said.

“These are the people who are not only creating change in their field, but they are equipping graduates to be game-changers too by ensuring the learning environment is relevant and flexible and offers dynamic connections and partnerships that are so vital in today’s global workforce.”

A full list of winners and videos is below.

UQ Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) Professor Joanne Wright said the award recipients had developed high-quality teaching practices and created inspirational learning environments for students.

“For example, it takes a truly exceptional teacher to recognise psychology students’ difficulties understanding the criminal justice system and to solve that by filming a murder drama that follows the crime, the investigation and the trial to provide students a single cohesive example.

“This is just one example of how our teachers are going above and beyond to transfer knowledge leadership to tomorrow’s graduates.

The awards are a highlight of UQ’s Teaching and Learning Week (31 October to 4 November), a program of events designed to showcase some of the teaching at UQ.

“Teaching and Learning Week is an opportunity for the UQ community to celebrate and share excellent teaching and learning practices that engage and inspire students,” Professor Wright said.

“We have seen significant education developments across UQ, including the launch of the Student Strategy and Create Change Masterclasses, and international partnerships for two new MicroMasters programs.”

2016 The University of Queensland Awards for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Winners of the 2016 Awards for Teaching Excellence – videos below

• Dr Vincent Wheatley
• The School of Psychology (Associate Professor Blake McKimmie, Associate Professor Barbara Masser, Associate Professor Mark Horswill)

2016 Commendations for Teaching Excellence

• Associate Professor Matt McDonald
• UQ Drama (Dr Stephen Carleton, Dr Bernadette Cochrane, Associate Professor Rob Pensalfini)

Awards for Programs That Enhance Learning

• UQ Critical Thinking (Associate Professor Deborah Brown, Mr Peter Ellerton, Dr Dominic Hyde)
• First-Year Chemistry Teaching Team (Associate Professor Gwendolyn Lawrie, Dr Denise Adams, Dr Andrew Allsebrook, Fiona Arbuthnot, Dr Sue Bennett, Associate Professor Joanne Blanchfield, Dr Bruce D’Arcy, Professor James De Voss, Tammie Fair, Professor Mary Garson, Husnaa Khan, Dr Efpraxia Kartsonaki, Associate Professor Ross McGeary, Katherine Raymont, Associate Professor Mark Riley, David Rosolen, Dr Philip Sharpe)
• UQ Three Minute Thesis (Professor Stephan Riek, Belinda Bern, Kate Swanson, Selina Weller, Amanda Lee, Claire Backhouse)

Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

• Dr Frederique Bracoud
• Dr Lisa Fitzgerald
• Dr Nicole Hartley
• Dr Poh Wah Hillock

Commendations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

• Dr Prasad Chunduri
• Dr Sarah Kelly
• Dr Kristy Nicola


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