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Green shoots from ashes at Yarloop Primary

Western Australian Forestry Minister Mia Davies has commended the Forest Products Commission (FPC) for donating 20,000 native seedlings towards revegetating Yarloop town site and Yarloop Primary School following devastating fires early 2016.

Ms Davies joined students of Yarloop Primary School in Harvey where they took part in sowing 200 seeds that will be nurtured for planting in 2017.

“The FPC has offered the Shire of Harvey native seedlings from its nursery in Manjimup to help revegetate Yarloop,” she said.

“More than 20 native species of shrubs and trees propagated by the commission will be available for greening the scarred Yarloop town site including eucalyptus, corymbia, bottlebrush, melaleuca and hakea.”

The FPC’s Manjimup nursery produces superior seedlings for the commission’s regeneration of native forest and establishment of plantations.

Parliamentary Secretary and South West Region MLC Colin Holt said the Yarloop community had shown amazing resilience during times of recent hardship.

“Their spirit and determination to return to the place they call home is extremely uplifting and I am glad FPC can support this important journey,” Mr Holt said.

“As they mature, these seedlings will bring colour and birdlife back to Yarloop as the town and community continue the rebuilding process.”

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