Honda Invention Competition winners announced

John Notaras, ATOM Industries and Ian LeFevre

ATOM Industries Drillmaster® and Ian LeFevre’s powered wheelbarrow have been announced as the winners of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition.

Honda Australia held its inaugural Invention Competition Awards night on April 21 2016. The event was held at Science Works’ ‘Engine Room’ in Melbourne; an incredibly fitting location with guest being immersed in the glory of the surrounding steam pumps as well as being fascinated by the demonstration of the one functional steam engine that was run on the night.

The products were judged based on product uniqueness, marketability, quality, production capability, and aesthetics with bonus points awarded for environmentally friendly initiatives.

The night celebrated all 7 finalist’s unique inventions. With an incredibly diverse range of product on display, everyone was immersed in the journey that led the creator to the design of their product, with the entrants on hand there was plenty of conversation to be had divulging into the design and research of each product.

Robert Toscano, Managing Director of Honda MPE, opened the evening’s proceedings talking about ‘helping people get things done’, and how Honda assists to facilitate this idea through the innovation of their products. National Sales Manager, Chris New then took to the stage to explain the rationale behind the competition- to stimulate manufacturing in Australia, and grow the Australian manufacturing sector. “Being the first time we had run this competition we really weren’t sure how it would be received from Honda OEM’s and also the general public. However, it’s fair to say we were extremely impressed with both the quantity and quality of entries that we received for our inaugural competition; in fact we received a total of 52 entries” Mr New said.

As the suspense of the evening’s announcement drew closer, it was clear that the finalists were all buzzing with anticipation to learn who had won the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition.

Atom Industries Drillmaster® was the proud winner of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the OEM category, with the creation of the world’s first 4-stroke engine powered drill with automatic reverse gear; essentially safeguarding the operator against injury and reducing the likelihood of the auger snapping as it is specifically designed and manufactured for the hardest of Australian timbers.

Robert Toscano, Honda MD and John Notaras, ATOM Industries

Robert Toscano, Honda MD and John Notaras, ATOM Industries

Ian LeFevre proudly took home the winner of the 2015/16 Honda Invention Competition for the public category for his invention of a motorised wheelbarrow. Similar to power carriers that are readily available on the market, Ian’s wheelbarrow can transport heavy loads up inclines, but is also incredibly manoeuvrable.

Robert Toscano, Honda MD and Ian LeFevre

Robert Toscano, Honda MD and Ian LeFevre

John Notaras (from ATOM Industries) and Ian Lefevre will be spending 5 days in Thailand on an all expenses paid trip exploring the wonders that Thailand has to offer; this will also include a tour of the Honda Thailand manufacturing facility. In addition to this Ian will also spend 2 days with a Honda application engineer to refine his product.

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