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Ian Christensen at 2019 ITS Summit: R&D progress


iMOVE MD Ian Christensen took to the stage at the 2019 Australian Summit, his topic R&D progress and impact in Intelligent Transport Systems.

Ian spoke to the almost 500-strong audience about the sort of work iMOVE does, the projects it has started to date, and in which technical areas they site. He also stressed the importance of collaboration. ‘The challenges we face in ITS are too challenging to take on alone,’ he said.

Ian made a point of showing that iMOVE’s projects are by nature collaborative, all involving multiple iMOVE partners, as shown in the graphic below.

Also shown by the graphic is the categories of projects begun so far, with a weight of interest and investment to date in ITS-related work. But also there, and growing both in the number of projects and level of interest and promise, are projects in the area of Mobility as a Service (MaaS).

‘When we established iMOVE, we had heard about MaaS, and expected it to hit in a few years in Australia. But we’ve found it’s very much here and now, and we’re delighted by its early emergence,’ said Mr Christensen.

iMOVE R&D highlights

Ian also took the opportunity to present a few of iMOVE’s projects across those main technical areas, and a couple of the things that drive the choices of project.

‘We’re Government-funded, and are acutely aware we’re spending your money. So we focus on projects that the nation cares about. We’re also trying to develop industry capabilities.’

Amongst iMOVE’s project highlights are:





Contact and collaboration

Last, but by no means least, Ian invited any interested parties to speak to him about challenges they face, and projects and collaborations that could flow from those discussions.

‘There is a need to engage with other parties to work on your challenges. iMOVE strongly encourages you to collaborate, and welcomes you to get in touch,’

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