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iMOVE announces Transport of Tomorrow Symposium for March 2019

Transport of Tomorrow

Want to have an active role in improving the transport and mobility landscape in Australia? Want to meet motivated people to spark new ideas or further your own project ideas. Or you are seeking to extend your networks and knowledge of the industry? Then the inaugural iMOVE Transport of Tomorrow Symposium is tailor-made for you!

The inaugural Transport of Tomorrow conference will take place on 27-28 March 2019, in Melbourne. It will bring transport and mobility professionals together to get deep into the questions that matter for our contemporary transport systems, and find ways of working together to address them.

A mix of International speakers and global innovation will be placed alongside Australian vision and expertise, generating conversations and ideas for future action. It’s exciting times in transport and mobility – let’s make big things happen!

Symposium themes

The 2019 Transport of Tomorrow Symposium will be based around four themes.

Theme 1: What DO transport users want? Understanding preferences and changing behaviours.

People are at the core of our transport systems, yet it is debatable whether we have fully understood how we can meet needs and drive changes in choices. This theme looks at understanding how travellers tick in order to create appealing transport options for the users.

Theme 2: Putting systems together — creating an effective transport ecosystem.

A successful transport system comprises many different parts, and tools to enable people to navigate those parts effectively. This theme will explore Mobility as a Service, and public and on demand transport to see how it can all be effectively put together. The afternoon will include a workshop specifically on Mobility as a Service.

Theme 3: Navigating the transition to connectivity and automation on our roads.

The mix of technology on our roads presents many opportunities – and numerous challenges. How do we best understand these and work together to create safer, more efficient roads whilst avoiding the introduction of new transport tech-related issues?

Theme 4: Traffic and congestion – moving people through our cities efficiently and safely

As things get gnarlier on our city roads, congestion remains in the hot seat. The fact is we need to get people in our urban areas around more effectively – whether it’s getting traffic flowing better across the board or managing peak demand, what can we do and how do we make it happen?

Want to know more?

We’ll have an event page set up shortly, but if you have questions, or want to express an early interest in attending, then email us, or call 03 9948 0450.

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