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Improving education for kids in care

New data has been released which shows that LOOKOUT Centres are making a real difference to the futures of students in out-of-home care.

Victorian Minister for Education James Merlino has announced the results of the program’s pilot trial, which commenced in April 2016 and took place in South West Victoria.

LOOKOUT helps school aged kids in out-of-home care get the best results from their education and it is having a huge impact.

The number of students in out-of-home care in the region who were not enrolled in school declined from 64 to 17 by December 2016 and expulsions reduced to zero.

Across the South West region there are now seven LOOKOUT Centre staff, who are working to boost the capacity of schools, carers, and child protection workers to ensure students in care get a good education.

Staff at the South Western Victoria Region LOOKOUT Centre have so far trained 465 teachers in government schools and 43 in Catholic schools across the region to be Designated Teachers.

These Designated Teachers will act as advocates for kids in care, ensuring high expectations for their learning and development and ensuring the best interests of every child is given the highest priority.

The aim is for every school in Victoria to have a trained Designated Teacher by the end of 2017 and training has now started with Catholic schools in the South West region.

The Government has now opened three more LOOKOUT Centres covering the rest of the State.

Source: Vic Government

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