Increasing business profits though safe chemical handling

Farmsafe WA Alliance and AusChem WA have joined forces.

AusChem WA with a history of over 20 years as a not for profit association delivering chemical safety training have taken the positive step to merge with the Farmsafe WA Alliance – this appeared a natural progression to reduce administration while continuing to deliver a vitally important service to the farming industry and associated service industries using agriculture and veterinary chemicals.

Many farmers, contractors and even government agencies are using chemicals as part of their operations.

It’s vitally important that the people using chemicals understand how they should be used and stored and what the impact can be if someone accidentally gets it wrong – the impact of using chemicals in an incorrect application can be devastating to business profits and if we get it wrong in the mixing of chemicals or operators have personal contact on their body or their clothes the impact to a person’s life can be huge – possibly resulting in significant health issues and death.

Maree Gooch, Project Director for Farmsafe WA said “An example that I have seen is when the laundry water has killed the garden when the water flowed out onto the lawn and garden. That family then organised a separate washing machine for the clothes with chemicals on them!”

Using the correct rates and conditions for application of agriculture and veterinary chemicals are important – for example, direct chemical application, the correct conditions and the correct dosage of drench can impact your business profits.

Adding that little bit extra can really impact your business profitability and you may be throwing your money away without even realising it.

Ian Longson, the past Chair of AusChem WA and a long time industry member and passionate advocate for the agriculture and food industry said “AusChem WA felt that there was significant value in the merger of AusChem WA and Farmsafe WA Alliance. We are two very similar organisations operating from the same location. The merger is an efficiency measure to ensure that industry funds are well spent.”

Ian added “I am very pleased that Farmsafe WA Alliance has welcomed two former AusChem WA board members to the Farmsafe WA board – Ms Jessica McCartney from CBH and Mr John Noonan from Curtin University. This will ensure a continuity and link to the experience provided by the retiring AusChem Board.

Mike Norton, Chair of Farmsafe WA Alliance and overseeing the merger with AusChem WA said “We are working very hard to provide support to the farming industry. We are working closely with the Registered Training Organisations (RTO’s) to provide shorter courses on Chemical Safety which is what the industry is asking for. It’s important to remember that the RTO’s have to adhere to national education frameworks as well as quality assurance
and governance. ”

Mike added “ Membership of Farmsafe WA is one small way for industry to ‘Pay It Forward’ so we can continue to look for simple and effective solutions for our farming community to be safe.”

Employers are obliged to provide a safe working environment – ensuring everyone coming into contact with chemicals is educated is vitally important.

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