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Investing in Geelong schools and Geelong kids

23,000 students in Geelong will get the best start in life, with a huge funding injection in local school infrastructure.

The Victorian Budget 2017/18 will invest $19.28 million to upgrade 11 schools across Geelong.

The funding will include $2.84 million for Ashby Primary School in Geelong West, $2.41 million for Chilwell Primary School in Newtown, $3.22 million for Leopold Primary School, and $211,000 for Queenscliff Primary School.

It means there are now 27 school projects under way across Geelong, thanks to an $88 million investment over the past three budgets to build and upgrade schools.

2017’s Budget will also deliver new technology for students at regionally based schools in the Surf Coast and Geelong area, as part of a $16.4 million state-wide investment to improve regional connectivity.

The investment will boost the internet bandwidth of regional schools to the same standard as their metropolitan counterparts, so that every school in Victoria can offer a great digital education.

Geelong students and their families will also benefit as the Tech Schools and Doctors in Secondary School programs are rolled out to schools in the area, as well as from further funding to the Victoria-wide asbestos and relocatables programs.

The Victorian Government’s huge investment in Victoria’s schools means more than $2.5 billion has now been invested in school infrastructure since 2015, with 56 new schools being built across the State.

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