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Medical intern program available at St John of God Health Care

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WA Health Minister Roger Cook announced that the career pipeline for the next generation of doctors is set to expand in Western Australia, with St John of God Health Care being accredited by the Postgraduate Medical Council of Western Australia to directly employ interns from 2020.

The intern program will begin by taking 12 medical graduates in the first year with plans to grow over subsequent years. It will be based at St John of God Midland Public Hospital (SJGMPH), now appointed a Primary Employing Health Service.

This means local medical graduates can be employed by Midland Hospital and undertake all terms in St John of God Health Care settings.

Interns will gain experience in a range of specialty areas, such as general surgery, emergency medicine, paediatrics, intensive care and neurology/stroke.

Initially the intensive care option will be undertaken at St John of God Subiaco Hospital and the rest undertaken at SJGMPH. It will then expand to other St John of God Health Care hospitals.

Source: WA Government

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