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Minister reminds parents every day counts

As 33,000 students prepare to return to government schools, WA Education Minister Eva Lawler, launched an advertising campaign aimed at boosting school attendance.

“School attendance is strongly aligned to academic performance, which is why families have a responsibility to get their children to school every day,” Ms Lawler said.

“Every Day Counts is a whole-of-government school attendance strategy aimed at lifting school attendance to improve the learning, wellbeing and engagement of young Territorians,” Ms Lawler said.

“The strategy will support young people to engage in schooling by strengthening partnerships with families, communities, schools and government agencies. As a government we are putting children at the centre of our decision making, and there are few things more important for children than getting the best education possible.

“While the broader community and government agencies can play a part but in the end it’s families who are the most important players in getting young people to schools.

“I want to see more Territory families shouldering their responsibility in getting children to school.

“Ultimately, parents who don’t send their kids to school are condemning their children to the prospect of a second-rate future. All of the research shows a good education is essential to helping children succeed in life.

“We know things are tough for some families but in the end the best thing they can do is send their children to school. There are government agencies to help families facing challenges in getting children to school,” Ms Lawler said.

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