A neon eco-universe emerges at Scienceworks

Scienceworks is pleased to present the immersive art-science installation Neon Nature: Divide and Multiply these Autumn School Holidays from 1-17 April 2017.

Offering a rich participatory experience, Neon Nature is an immersive dome experience located on Scienceworks’ grounds where youngsters can come to discover the wonder of science and learn about nature in an experience unlike any other in a wondrous eco-dome.

Located within the immersive pop-up dome, Neon Nature: Divide and Multiply is an interactive activity using modular forms which draw on creative, scientific and design principles.

Visitors will collaboratively grow an incredible neon canopy that evolves every day and draws inspiration from nature’s rules and patterns.

Using neon straws and a simple joining technique, all ages will be able to join and experiment with branching or forking shapes found in plants, trees and everywhere in nature.

Based on simple rules relating to the branching patterns found in plants, the human body and greater environments, the hanging eco-system will evolve depending on the contribution made by participants.

Called bifurcation, this branching pattern has the potential to grow into all kinds of fascinating forms.

The Neon Nature dome setting creates an immersive environment and awe-inspiring botanical experience so that these school holidays kids can really experience the fun of science in an exciting and interactive way.

Part laboratory, part art studio, part experiment; Neon Nature: Divide and Multiply explores collective-making and encourages seriously playful research, for all ages.

Neon Nature: Divide and Multiply is developed and delivered in collaboration with artists Ben Landau, Briony Barr and Lucile Sciallano and based on the ‘Grow Lab’ concept, originally seeded by the City Of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab.

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