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New Hamilton Space School launched

Students are ready to blast off on a mission to Mars with the launch of the new Hamilton Space School facility at Hamilton Secondary College.

SA Education Minister Susan Close will officially open the Hamilton Space School. The event coincides with the 68th International Aeronautical Congress being held in Adelaide.

Astronauts Andy Thomas and Pam Melroy and industry professionals such as Andrea Boyd, Dr Olivia Samardzic and Nicola Sasanelli will be in attendance to view the new Space School.

The Space School facility has three main areas created for its space science programs – a simulated Martian crater and landscape, a Mission Control Room and Briefing Room.

Designed to provide a unique extra-terrestrial learning experience, students will role play space scenarios with teams taking turns to operate as astronauts collecting samples on the Mars surface, and scientists monitoring data and problem solving in the Mission Control Room.

The facility’s Martian landscape has been designed to mimic a crater on Mars, with the surface built from rocks collected from all over Australia to map out 7 different geological areas. The design simulates real-life Martian explorations in the same way that NASA sends space probes to land in craters, as they are prime locations to gather samples.

Hamilton Secondary College is showcasing the new Hamilton Space School facilities at the 68th International Aeronautical Congress.

Source: SA Government

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