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Northern Territory Government welcomes Kormilda funding

Northern Territory Education Minister Eva Lawler welcomed the commitment from the Australian Government which will see Kormilda remain open throughout 2017.

“The Northern Territory Government will always put students, families and jobs first. That is why we acted so swiftly and decisively in September so that the school could remain open until the end of the school year allowing students to complete their studies.

“Without this injection of $5.1 million from the Northern Territory Government the school would have closed this month.

“The Northern Territory Government called on the Australian Government to take some responsibility and contribute their fair share to see this important education facility remain open.

“We welcome their decision today to do the right thing by Kormilda College.

“The Northern Territory Government has already appointed an independent officer to assess the financial position of the College, and is working with the College to review their operations to ensure sustainability going forward.

“We will continue to work constructively with the College and the Australian Government to ensure we get the best outcomes for students at Kormilda College,” Minister Lawler said.

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