Nurturing start-ups a recipe for success

CQUniversity is partnering with Rockhampton Regional Council and Start-up Capricorn to quite literally inspire food for thought and deliver a start-up event for local students, entrepreneurs, business owners and food industry personnel.

CQUniversity has been involved in a number of start-up events in the past year and has also twice led the delivery of the global 3 Day Start-up (3DS) weekend for local students.

Leslie Walker from CQUniversity said the event, set to take place at Rockhampton Regional Council’s SmartHub, Rockhampton from October 6 – 8 2017, is an exciting opportunity for anyone, looking to build their current business’ capacity or to see a food inspired business idea become a reality.

“Anything from developing a food app, to starting up a food related business, to a process improvement for supply-chain management, or an on-farm food production product improvement; whatever business idea you may have, this weekend is for you,” said Ms Walker.

“This start-up event is about providing our local students, entrepreneurs and business owners with the right platforms to work together, grow their innovative ideas and build up their businesses.

“It’s a truly unique learning opportunity and will incorporate pitches, business plan developments, prototype creations and presentations. Students with interests in IT, digital marketing, business, or social innovation will get a huge amount out of being able to work in teams with students and community members from other areas.

“It will be a really good opportunity for our students in particular, to explore their ideas and work with people already established as business owners in the local food and hospitality industry.”

“It’s a great way to establish networks, workshop your ideas and add to the food culture of the entire Rockhampton Region.”

The event will be facilitated by David Masefield, President of the Canvas Co-working Space in Toowoomba, who said when it comes to start-ups, no idea is too small.

“This event is a chance to take that idea that you’ve always had, and talked about with friends and family, and actually see if it’s worth giving it a go,” Mr Masefield said.

“It’s also a chance to meet likeminded people and to find people to help take your idea forward.

“You’d be surprised how rapidly you can take something that was just an idea and build something special out of it,” he said.

Source: CQU

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