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OLNA results see high school bar raised in WA

The percentage of WACE-eligible students meeting minimum literacy and numeracy standards rose to more than 90 per cent for 2016’s Year 12s, compared to 28.1 per cent when those students were in Year 9.

WA Education Minister Peter Collier said the remarkable improvement was captured in the results of Western Australia’s Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment (OLNA).

“The OLNA was introduced as part of wider WACE reforms and is designed to raise the bar in senior secondary education,” Mr Collier said.

“Through the assessment, students who are struggling with reading and writing are identified early and receive tailored help to ensure they are prepared for life beyond secondary schooling.”

Western Australia is leading the nation by being the first State to introduce this minimum standard.  New South Wales is following our example from 2018 with other States likely to follow.

“The results show the value-adding schools have put in place to ensure their students leave school with the best possible opportunity for success,” the Minister said.

Year 9 NAPLAN results have improved significantly since the implementation of OLNA, with Mr Collier attributing the success to the requirement for students who do not reach minimum standards at that time to sit the Online Literacy and Numeracy Assessment.

“Other States are envious of the exponential improvement achieved by Western Australian Year 9 students in NAPLAN,” he said.

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