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Payroll tax relief to grow Victoria’s skilled workforce

The Government is boosting Victoria’s skilled workforce by lowering the cost of employing apprentices and trainees.

The Payroll Tax Act 2007 introduced into Parliament will exempt Group Training Organisations (GTOs) that are run as for-profit organisations from paying payroll tax on apprentice and trainee wages.

Currently, the exemption only applies to not-for-profit organisations, not GTOs.

GTOs play a vital role employing Victorian apprentices and trainees. The changes will reduce costs and make it easier for them to employ apprentices.

Victorian businesses have in 2017 received significant tax relief across the board, with measures from the Victorian Government aimed at boosting businesses, and creating and supporting jobs.

Since July 2017, Victoria’s regional businesses pay one of the lowest payroll tax rates in the nation.

Source: Vic Government

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