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Sally Hall – Putting a spin on fertility control

Sally Hall

Sally Hall, IA CRC PhD Candidate, attended Genea IVF clinics during her industry placement.

She attended the clinics in Newcastle, Norwest and Sydney, and also took the opportunity to attend patient interviews with two different physicians.

During her placement with Genea, she was fortunate to get an overview of the operation as a whole and spent time in embryology/andrology, nursing, media production and research and development sections of the company.

Having spent the last 3.5 years of her PhD working in a research lab that investigates idiopathic infertility, Sally found it fascinating to move into a clinical setting.

She was very impressed by the Biomedx research and development team, who have created two new machines: the first of which performs live embryo imaging, and the second vitrification of embryos.

The live embryo imaging offers incredible insights into embryo biology, where previously embryos were assessed only on day 3 and 5.

Similarly, pre-genetic screening is also available to ensure a normal embryo karyotype, which can assist in lower rates of miscarriage and increase the likelihood of a healthy child.

The process of embryology is certainly evolving, with each new machine bringing with it new procedure and standards.

The placement has reassured her that her research efforts are being implemented into the clinical setting, and creating tangible outcomes for couples experiencing infertility.


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