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RMIT School of Fashion and Textiles recognised as world-leading

The latest Business of Fashion (BoF) ‘Best Fashion Schools in the World’ survey has reviewed fashion institutions from across the world and recognised RMIT as a leader in fashion education.

The University’s School of Fashion and Textiles is celebrating success in the recent Business of Fashion (BoF) ‘Best Fashion Schools in the World’ survey, which assesses and recognises top fashion schools and programs around the world.

BoF is an independent digital resource, reporting on the global fashion industry.

In 2019, the Bachelor of Fashion (Design) (Honours) has been selected in the top 37 schools in the Undergraduate – Fashion Design category. The school was ranked in the top 11 of this category receiving all four badges: Best: Overall, Best: Global Influence, Best: Learning Experience; and Best: Long Term Value.

The Master of Fashion (Entrepreneurship) program was also recognised in the survey’s Graduate – Fashion Business & Management category. It was selected in the top 10 of surveyed schools and gained one badge: Best: Learning Experience.

“To be acknowledged as among the world’s leaders in fashion education is a great outcome for RMIT and the School of Fashion and Textiles, recognising our strong industry partnerships and progressive teaching” said Dean of the School, Professor Robyn Healy.

Outlining the winners, BoF noted the success of some fashion schools at innovating and incorporating advances in tools and technologies into their programmes, including RMIT.

“At RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia, a local tech start-up ran a workshop for students that enabled them to use algorithms and data sets to design prints, garments and accessories, and imagine a future of design alongside AI and advanced machine learning computers.”

The Business of Fashion list aims to give prospective fashion students further insight and information to assist with choosing a school that best suits their needs. Previously the information was provided in the form of a ranking system. In 2019, however, a new methodology better assesses and recognises fashion schools and their offerings.

Schools are assessed at an Undergraduate and Graduate level across three disciplines – Fashion Design; Fashion Art Direction and Communications; and Fashion Business and Management – and awarded Badges of Excellence.

Badges of Excellence recognise a school’s strengths in four key areas: Best Overall, Best in Global Influence, Best in Learning Experience and Best in Long-Term Value. Top performing programs in each key index are awarded a Badge of Excellence for that category and shortlisted for inclusion in an overall list of top performers.

2019’s assessment also reflects the engagement of a Business of Fashion Education Council, which is comprised of 12 noted experts from fashion education and industry. Professor Robyn Healy is one of the council members providing valuable insights and information.

Being recognised among the best fashion educators in the world is an achievement made possible by an astute knowledge of industry, and leading creative and entrepreneurial practices that ready RMIT students for life and work, and to make an impact across the world.

Source: RMIT

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