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Rocky sports researcher’s great news from Colorado Springs

Jordan Fox does her own personal strength and conditioning routines through pole dancing at a local studio.

However, her PhD research focus is on predicting basketball team performances through monitoring of player training sessions, via accelerometers and heart-rate monitors.

Jordan Fox has a research focus on predicting basketball team performances through monitoring of player training sessions. Image credit: CQUni

She recently got great news from the National Strength and Conditioning Association Foundation, an international body based in Colorado Springs.

The NSCA Foundation has chosen Jordan as its 2017 Women’s Scholarship Recipient, meaning she has an extra $1500 to support her studies.

“Congratulations to Jordan for this well-deserved honour,” said Brian Schilling, NSCA Foundation Board President.

“She is an outstanding student with an extremely bright future. We are proud to support Jordan’s studies to be a future leader of the strength and conditioning industry.”

Meantime, NSCA Foundation Director Carissa Gump says the scholarship applicant pool was particularly strong in 2017, making the process very competitive.

“Jordan should be very proud of this accomplishment. I look forward to seeing her grow within the profession,” Ms Gump says.

The NSCA Foundation is a non-profit organisation committed to providing funding to NSCA members taking part in educational and research endeavours.

Jordan is also a member of the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM), Sports Medicine Australia (SMA), the Australian Strength and Conditioning Association (ASCA), and Exercise and Sports Science Australia (ESSA). She is also an Accredited Exercise Scientist (AES) and Accredited Sports Scientist (ASpS1) through ESSA.

Source: CQUni

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