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SAE launches new music degree and scholarship for musos

​Bachelor of Songwriting

SAE Creative Media Institute is offering a new ​Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production degree at five of its Australian campuses. Musos will also have the opportunity to apply for one of two full tuition scholarships worth up to $67,000 each to celebrate the launch of the brand new degree.

The two-year fast track course gives students the chance to kick start their careers, and will offer a unique learning experience; guiding them through every stage of the songwriting and music production process – including mixing and mastering. Designed for emerging songwriters and music producers, it covers lyrics, melody, harmony, rhythm, genre and music production.

Program Chair, Dr Clive Harrison, has been a musician for 45 years and is excited to be at the helm of this highly anticipated course. “This degree will produce graduates who are agile in their response to current musical trends, and have the depth of knowledge to respond with songs of their own that capture the style and important elements of current music production, but that also resonate with the audience,” Dr Harrison said.

“To maximise their job opportunities, students need skills in audio, traditional songwriting and digital audio workstations. Industry employers are not only looking for the practical skills, but the people skills as well.”

A core part of SAE’s learning and teaching approach involves collaborating with peers from other disciplines. This enables students to develop skills in writing music for games, television, short films, animations and songs – depending on the projects they pursue during their studies.

Some of the recent SAE graduates to have made it in the music industry includes ​Sampa The Grea​t​; ​Taya​; Godlands​; and 2020 ARIA winner, ​Chelsea Cullen.​

The fast tracked Bachelor of Songwriting and Music Production is taking enrolments for May 2021 now at Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne and Perth campuses. To apply for a scholarship, and enrol for May 2021 visit ​

Source: SAE

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