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School leavers urged to stay safe and behave responsibly

Police are expecting about 8,000 leavers to flock to hotspots at Rottnest, Busselton and Dunsborough as they prepare to celebrate the end of secondary school.

WA Police Minister Michelle Roberts joined police and community groups to launch the 2017 Leavers Strategy.

The strategy involves 12 months of planning between Government and non-Government agencies and is designed to ensure school leavers are supported with well organised activities and entertainment.

Designated Leavers Entertainment Zones will once again be set up in Dunsborough and Rottnest to provide schoolies with a safe and positive environment.

Additional police will be sent to Rottnest and the South-West before, during and after the official leavers period to maximise the safety and security of school leavers.

Leavers celebrations commence on Monday, November 20 2017 and conclude on Thursday, November 23 2017.

Not-for-profit support group Red Frogs will again be on hand as they have been every year to provide support.

In 2017 there is one Leavers app for both parents and leavers which features key harm minimisation tips, event details, bus information and a push notification service, allowing important information to be sent to leavers using the app.

Source: WA Government

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