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School recommendation will help Year 12s navigate a challenging year ahead

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A new approach to enrolment by the University of Tasmania together with the Department of Education aims to ensure the disruption of COVID-19 does not impact the future of Tasmanian year 12 students.

“The University wants to play a part to help Tasmanians and Tasmania through the challenges presented by COVID-19,” Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black said.

“This is going to be a difficult time for Tasmania and we need to make sure students across the school years are supported.

“No-one knows these students like their teachers,” Professor Black said. “We have great respect for them and their ability to determine how they will go at university.”

In partnership with schools and the Department of Education, the University will take the recommendation of schools, whose teachers best know their students, regarding their readiness for university.

The School Recommendation Program will allow students to apply for undergraduate courses and receive offers much earlier in the year, reducing stress for year 12 students through this period.

A students’ Year 11 results, an assessment of their capabilities and the perspective of those who have taught them will all factor into the program. Students will still need to complete their year 12 studies, and the ATAR mechanism will continue, but this alternative will ensure that the challenges students might face this year don’t disadvantage them.

“This measure is designed to support the State’s entire educational ecosystem, which faces significant disruption as a result of COVID-19,” Professor Black said.

“The more students we can keep on a consistent learning pathway, the more we can minimise the chance of them falling out of the system.”

Visit the University of Tasmania website for more information.

Source: UTAS

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