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Skills First: Real training for real jobs

The Victorian Government will overhaul Victoria’s training and TAFE system making sure Victorians have the right skills for the jobs of the future.

Victorian Minister for Training and Skills Steve Herbert outlined the promised changes to fix training and TAFE in Victoria.

Skills First will result in a high quality, stable system that restores the confidence of students, employers and industry.

The reforms will feature:

  • A more managed and focused training and TAFE system, with only providers who meet high standards getting government funded contracts
  • A clearer industry voice where training funded by government ensures students don’t waste their time or money on courses that rarely lead to a job.

Students and industry will still be able to choose between TAFEs, dual sector universities, community and quality private training providers for government-funded training.

Starting with an extra $114 million in 2017, TAFEs will receive increased funding every year to help Victorians, regardless of their background or postcode, access real training for real jobs.

In addition, training providers will have access to targeted funding streams. In 2017, that includes $30 million for a Regional and Specialist Training fund, $20 million to support high needs learners and a $40 million Workforce Training Innovation Fund – promoting innovative training and skills in emerging and priority industries.

The reformed system – which will be introduced progressively from January 2017 – follows last year’s response to the independent VET Funding Review led by Bruce Mackenzie.

The Government has also cracked down on dodgy providers, with a quality blitz and tough new training contracts brought in during 2015 helping to restore confidence, with $40 million in taxpayer money identified for recovery.

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