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Smart pack electric car research deal could revive local auto industry

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A novel, flat pack electric vehicle (EV) could soon be largely manufactured and constructed in Australia with local components and ingenuity thanks to a research agreement between ACE Electric Vehicle group and Flinders University.

ACE-EV, a German and Taiwanese backed start-up which recently launched its small, modern electric van in Australia, has set its sights on boosting Australian content in the vehicle’s design and manufacture – and will collaborate with Flinders for the Research and Development support to realise its vision.

Director of Flinders University’s Australian Industrial Transformation Institute Professor John Spoehr says the MoU seeks to harness Flinders’ R&D expertise in support of the manufacture of this EV under licence here in Australia.

“It represents an important step in the potential revival of the Australian automotive industry” Professor Spoehr says.

“We’re seeing a seismic shift in the global automotive industry to vastly different vehicles. Currently the van’s components are sourced from multiple places, but assembly can occur in destination markets provided the necessary manufacturing skills base is present.

“In Australia’s case, this is a phoenix prospect, where a new era of automotive technology could rise from the ashes of the former industry and re-establish a fresh generation of evolved electric vehicles in Australia” Professor Spoehr says.

“Flinders will bring its research expertise to a range of potential applications, from 3D manufacturing of components and development of futuristic composite materials to onboard vehicles systems and advanced i4.0 manufacturing assembly processes.

Source: Flinders University

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