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South Metropolitan TAFE opens new Training Cyber Security Operations Centre

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SM TAFE’s Murdoch campus celebrated the official opening of the state-of-the-art Training Cyber Security Operations Centre (TCSOC) on 22 May, 2019 in plans to address the critical shortage of trained cyber security professionals both statewide and nationally.

AustCyber has identified a demand for over 20,000 cyber security workers in Australia by 2024. To work towards meeting the demands of this growing industry, SM TAFE has developed one of the first TCSOCs in Australia. SM TAFE’s TCSOC is specifically designed for students learn in a closed and secure training environment designed to simulate realistic cyber-attacks relating to attack, defence and monitoring.

The TCSOC is an integral part of cyber security training for SM TAFE students with key industry personnel recognising the new facility as a step towards addressing this growing industry shortage.

“Against a background of cyber security incidents costing Australian business $29 billion per annum and recognition of a shortage of skilled ICT professionals, there has never been a greater need for cyber security training. The development of the South Metropolitan TAFE TCSOC facility is an important step in addressing an area of national need for all areas of government, industry and business” – Dr Chris Bolan, Director – Seamless Intelligence.

SM TAFE successfully introduced Certificate level Cyber Security Qualifications in 2018, and is the first TAFE in Australia to offer the Advanced Diploma in Cyber Security in Semester 2, 2019. These students studying at Murdoch campus will experience leading edge training in the newly developed TCSOC, preparing them for entering the workforce.

“The opening of South Metropolitan TAFE’s TSOC provides students with actual equipment widely used in the industry. Students will be able to experience first-hand, operations such as detection of cyber incidents, correlating security logs and executing recovery plans. By learning in an industry setting, students will be well prepared to enter the cyber industry when they complete their cyber security courses with us,” Jeff Xie, Cyber Security lecturer at South Metropolitan TAFE.

SM TAFE’s TCSOC is also available for employers and government agencies to develop and enhance their cyber security capability through industry specialised training.

The opening of the Murdoch campus TCSOC places SM TAFE at the forefront of cyber security industry training, increasing the availability of trained and skilled cyber experts state-wide and nationally.

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Source: SM TAFE

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