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Students back to school in Yarloop in 2017

WA Education Minister Peter Collier announced Yarloop Primary School would once again operate on its original site in Yarloop in 2017.

“I know students and staff will be delighted to return to their much-loved school,” Mr Collier said.

“The WA Government was committed to reopening the school in Yarloop once families returned to the area.

“Those families have spoken. There are 29 children enrolled for 2017, with further enrolments anticipated.

“Having the school operating in the town again will help the community rebuild as families and their children come together for school each day.”

While the site was largely unscathed by the bushfire that tore through the Yarloop townsite earlier in 2016, many families were forced to leave their homes due to widespread devastation.

“We had to relocate staff and students while safety concerns in the town were addressed,” the Minister said.

“Yarloop Primary School has operated as a separate school on the site of Harvey Primary School in 2016.

“I thank the Harvey Primary School community for their support in 2016.”

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