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Robotics and game coding challenge

Teams from four schools converged for a Lego robotics and game coding challenge recently.

They were not focused on touchstones of the Queensland curriculum. However, the range of competition categories took them far beyond maths and technology into a wide range of other subject areas.

The event organisers included CQUni Law student Peter Feerick, CQUni Masters student and casual teacher Donna Edmunds and Sharon State School teacher Shontelle Lewis, a CQUniversity Learning Management graduate and current Master of Education (by Research) student who was recently named winner of the LEGO® Education Teacher Award 2007.

Ms Lewis says organisers will be encouraging more schools to enter in 2018.

The Robotics Pre-recorded Documentary: The team from Denmark won the Documentary with a thrilling information report about Scandinavian mazes and the history of mazes. Their second language is English and their amazing teacher has been teaching them English by doing robotics. Sharon SS came in second place with Ariana’s Documentary about a young seal that was trapped in a maze of ice.Yarrilee SS Team 2 came third with an exciting adventure about a maze.

The Narrative Live Robotics Presentation: Sharon SS came first with Bryce, Logan and Dermott’s Leprechaun story and Colby’s car park proudly taking second place. There was no third place for this event.

The Live Robotics Dance Section: Sharon State School’s Penguin Power came first with a wonderful idea about a penguin trapped in a maze. Yarrilee State School’s Dance Academy wowed the audience, placing second. Yarrilee also won third place with the Rododancers spinning the audience with their flair.

The Live Robotics News Report Event: Won by Yarrilee Team 2 impressing the judges with a fabulous news flash. Sharon SS came second with the Phoenix team and their lost kittens issue. And Yarrilee Team 1 took out third place.

Coding Presentation: St Luke’s Anglican School won first place with an amazing coding game that looked very detailed and captivated the audience’s attention. Sharon SS came in second place with Jack’s Nintendo inspired game. Yarrilee came third with an awesome game that they presented to the judges.

Ms Lewis has thanked judges and other volunteers including, Professor Andy Bridges, June Mogensen, Ron Bishop, Maria O’Reilly, Ben Taylor, Shaminda De Silva, Katrina Johnston, Michelle Vanderburg, Kathleen Mealor, Sharon Feerick, Raul Pershouse, Tyler Lewis and Margaret Flanders.

Source: CQU

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