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Targeting school bullying

The NSW Anti-bullying Strategy brings together evidence-based resources for students, teachers and parents to identify bullying, prevent bullying, and respond to bullying behaviours.

The strategy includes online resources and lesson plans for teachers.

In addition, the new anti-bullying strategy will:

  • significantly expand the Youth Aware Mental Health Program, in collaboration with the Black Dog Institute
  • run metropolitan and regional anti-bullying workshops and conferences for school staff, students and parents
  • provide professional development and training for teachers and other school staff to prevent and respond to bullying behaviour.

NSW Minister for Education Rob Stokes said students involved in bullying behaviour, either as the perpetrator or the victim, are at higher risk of behavioural, emotional and academic problems.

“This is why the NSW Government is providing resources to schools to ensure students continue to be educated in environments with no tolerance of bullying,” Mr Stokes said.

The NSW Anti-bullying Strategy was developed under the guidance of leading Australian academics.

Source: NSW Government

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